Desert Rose Flower

The desert rose is the only adenium found in wide cultivation although it has been hybridized extensively to obtain different flower colors like orange and striped. They are distinctive among the class because they develop.

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It has a bulbous water holding stem ideal for pots in a warm sunny position.

Desert rose flower. Also known by its scientific name adenium obesum this plant is native to the sahel regions as well as the subtropical and tropical regions of africa and saudi arabia. Desert rose plant care can be difficult and requires some knowledge of the life cycle of the species. The most common colours available are red pink white and a two toned pink and white.

The desert part is correct as they come from africa and the middle east but they re certainly not roses. In many tropical and warmer climates usda zones 11 and 12 it s a beloved ornamental outdoor plant while in other parts of the country it adds color to the indoors. Desert rose adenium obesum the desert rose is a beautiful and interesting looking plant native to east africa and madagascar.

They are a great bonsai plant. Their flowers are spectacular. Adeniums are succulent tropical plants.

Adeniums are commonly known as desert roses. A tropical evergreen succulent shrub from the dogbane family the desert rose is a popular garden or indoor plant with striking 2 3 inches wide tubular pink or reddish flowers. Follow some basic adenium desert rose growing tips for healthy plants that won t disappoint with full crowns of richly colored tubular flowers.

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