What Is The State Flower Of Michigan

Michigan designated the apple blossom as official state flower in 1897 michigan also recognizes a state wildflower. Apple blossom malus sp.

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A garland of 44 flowers representing the 44 states was made for the world s columbian exhibition of 1893 with the apple blossom representing michigan.

What is the state flower of michigan. In the united states alone there are approximately 1000 variations of apple blossoms that are cultivated all around the country. The choice is fitting given the state s long ties to the fruit. Michigan s decision was in 1897 while arkansas adopted the apple blossom as the state flower in 1901.

Kingdom plantae division magnoliophyta class magnoliopsida order rosales family rosaceae genus. The apple blossom was named the michigan state flower in 1897. The apple trees are common along the shores of lake michigan due to the weather influence from the lake.

Our blossoming apple trees add much to the beauty of our landscape and michigan apples have gained a worldwide reputation. Pyrus coronaria was designated the state flower as michigan legislators feeling that a refined sentiment called for the naming of a state flower designated the apple blossom pyrus coronaria. However the dwarf lake iris is the state s official wildflower.

The state flower of michigan is the apple blossom. It is also known as the apple blossom malus coronaria or pyrus coronaria and is the official state flower of both michigan and arkansas. Michigan is popularly known for its apples and also its apple blossoms.

This inspired michigan s legislature to make it official in 1897. Michigan state flower apple blossom pyrus coronaria adopted on april 28 1997. Michigan ranks third in the country in apple production just behind washington and new york.

The apple blossom pyrus coronaria is the state flower of both michigan and arkansas. Official state flower of michigan. There are probably nearly 1000 varieties of apple blossom cultivated in the united states and all of which are said to be derived from the wild crab pyrus coronaria linn.

Apple blossom is the michigan state flower and also the state flower of arkansas. An apple blossom is a flower that sprouts from apple trees. It weighed three pounds two ounces.

Flag of the state of michigan. In 1897 michigan legislators feeling that a refined sentiment called for the naming of a state flower designated the apple blossom. In 1897 the apple blossom.

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